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Description of Angry Birds Space

Go to space and join your favorite feathered friends in Angry Birds Space!

Everyone loves the Angry Birds. The game has grown into a huge classic and you probably already know the ins and outs of its mechanics and physics. That’s why Angry Birds Space steps in, just at the right time! Let your mind be blown away by the huge gameplay differences that space brings to the table.

There are 10 completely different planets to explore, which include our own Solar System, with over 300 interstellar levels to complete and even more hidden levels to unlock!

Space is full of weird wonders. There are freezing cold levels, volcanic ones and planets made of junk food.

Of course, the gameplay varies according to where you are and now you have to take into account the gravity differences in every environment. Have you ever thrown birds in slow-motion? Or at high speeds? Things are more unpredictable and fun than ever. Space is your new playground!

There are also brand-new birds with special abilities to get a hold of, amazing new tricks to pull off and the graphics look better than ever on your small screen.

And if the wonders of space aren’t enough to keep you excited, there are daily missions to keep you going for hours and hours.

Your favorite angry animals have decided to go intergalactic and you have to join them in their most epic battle yet against the evil pigs. Explore the whole universe in Angry Birds Space!

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Good App Guaranteed!

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